January 21, 2022

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Matt Damon Plays Mastermind Behind Ben Affleck Retires From Batman Role

Matt Damon Jadi Dalang di Balik Ben Affleck Pensiun dari Peran Batman

Ben Affleck’s retirement from the role of Batman in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) franchise has disappointed some DC superhero fans. However, the story behind it cannot be separated from Ben’s friend, fellow Hollywood actor, Matt Damon.

Launching comicbook.com, recently, Matt Damon, known in Hollywood for his iconic role as Jason Bourne, apparently persuaded Ben Affleck to no longer be involved as a batman on the big screen.

The story of the actor retiring from the role of Batman was conveyed by Ben Affleck himself in a talk with Matt Damon to discuss their latest colossal drama film, The Last Duel.

To Always Be Happy

According to Ben, Matt’s persuasion was because his best friend wanted to see him always be happy in the Hollywood industry. He didn’t get it while playing Batman.

“I had a rare experience during Justice League for a lot of different reasons. Don’t blame anyone, a lot of things happened,” he told Matt Damon.

Not Interesting

Furthermore, Ben Affleck expressed his grievances and discomfort during his involvement in the DCEU franchise, which is believed to be a fan from Warner Bros. itself.

“But really I wasn’t happy with what had happened. I didn’t like being there. I didn’t think it was interesting. And then some shitty, bad stuff happened. But, it was like I was like, ‘I wouldn’t do that. again,” said Ben Affleck.

Main Influence

Only then did Ben Affleck admit that Matt Damon was the most influential person in his decision to stop playing Batman.

“In fact, I spoke to you about it and you were a major influence on that decision. I wanted to do things that would make me happy. Then we went and got into The Last Duel and I had fun every day in this movie,” he recalled. Ben Affleck.

Enjoying Even Being a Villain

Ben Affleck then expressed his happiness at being able to play in The Last Duel even though there he played a villain. The opposite is in Justice League where he is unhappy even though he is an iconic hero.

“I’m not the star, I’m not liked. I’m a villain. I’m not what I thought I was when I started it. But it was an amazing experience. And it was all just things that came and I didn’t chase,” said Ben Affleck.

Although he has retired from the role of Batman, Ben Affleck will for the last time appear as a batman in The Flash, which will arrive in November 2022.