January 21, 2022

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Manchester United are Interested in Sergino Dest, Check Out Some Facts

Sergino Dest

Sergino Dest captivated Manchester United and made the Premiere League giants consider signing him. Approaching the transfer window this summer, indeed all clubs are competing to hunt down their target player.

The Red Devils are no exception, who are looking for a right-back position for next season. One of his target players is Sergino Dest, who is currently still a Barcelona defender.

Sergino Dest is a Dutch-American professional footballer who was born on November 3, 2000. His junior career was spent with Almere City and Ajax. As for his senior career, he ended with Jong Ajax, Ajax, and Barcelona.

Dest joined Barcelona since 2020 until now and has played 15 times. The playing style of this 21-year-old player is quite unique and capable.

His defense is very solid and his possession of the ball is also impenetrable to opposing players. He is also able to take over the game with his speed. No wonder many clubs are interested in Dest.

Sergino Dest

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Facts about Sergino Dest to captivate Manchester United

As reported by El Nacio that Manchester United have an interest in Sergino Dest. In addition to his young age so that it can be an investment in the future, The Red Devils also have several other reasons. The following are the facts behind the reasons why the Red Devils are interested in signing Sergino Dest:

1. Manchester United defender weakens

One of the main reasons Manchester United wanted Sergino Dest was to strengthen his team. This is due to the Red Devils’ lack of confidence in their current right-back, namely Aaron Wan-Bissaka. Because this defender’s game has ups and downs.

In fact, his appearance is considered far from convincing. This 24-year-old player has not been able to dominate the width of the field. Wan-Bissaka in each game does not display a variation of his pass.

The technique needs to be polished again to make it more mature. This causes MU to prefer Diogo Dalot for right side defense. This player has often played the full 90 minutes in the last 3 matches. This causes the Red Devils to need additional defenders to strengthen their squad. Until finally the strongest candidate is Sergino Dest.

2. Dest’s position is uncertain in Barcelona

Sergino Dest lured Manchester United and it looks like next year’s transfer window is increasingly opening up opportunities. Because, Dest’s position in his current team, namely Barcelona, ​​is still unclear. As it is known that the Blaugrana are currently doing a team overhaul.

The goal is to obtain a stronger team power. Meanwhile, on another occasion the Blaugrana also said that they were ready to release this American player. This statement is certainly welcomed by various big teams in the world. One of them is Manchester United.

3. MU has prepared 25 million pounds

Based on a report from Sportsmole, Monday (12/13/2021), The Red Devils have offered an official £25 million (Rp405 billion). If Sergino Dest and Barcelona accept it, then in 2022 he officially joins.

His role at Manchester United is predicted to be a coating for Diogo Dalot. In addition, Barcelona can also use the money to hunt for other players in the January transfer window.

The Blaugrana still gain, if they accept the offer. Because, he bought Dest for 21 million euros in 2020.

4. MU must compete

If you want to get Sergino Dest, Manchester United must compete first. Because, this 21-year-old player is also the target of many clubs in the world. Among them is Bayern Munich who is a strong candidate.

In addition, Sergino Dest is also being monitored by other giant clubs. Among them are Man City and Liverpool. Although still relatively easy, Sergino Dest has tremendous potential. In fact, Sergino Dest lured MU and has made an official offer.