January 21, 2022

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Kendall Jenner Responds to Insults from Netizens, Considered Wearing Too Sexy Clothes for an Invite

Kendall Jenner Jawab Sindiran Warganet

November last year provided a beautiful moment for a best friend of Kendall Jenner, celebrity celebrity Lauren Perez. He married his sweetheart, and celebrated it with his friends.

Beginning in 2022, he wanted to relive this moment. His wedding photos, including happy moments with Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, were posted on Instagram.

But the attention of some netizens seems to have turned. Not to Lauren Perez as the bride, but to Kendall Jenner’s appearance which is considered too sexy and inappropriate.

Netizens rebuked

Reporting from People, Tuesday (11/1/2022), at that time Kendall Jenner wore a black dress from Mônot that was open. The chest to the stomach are only covered with a small triangular-shaped cloth that is brought together in the middle of his body.

“Inappropriate dress for @kendalljenner’s wedding. I feel ashamed for you,” wrote one netizen in the comments column of Lauren Perez’s Instagram.

The Bride’s Reaction

Lauren Perez, who read the netizen’s response, immediately put on her body. He agreed with the opinion of other netizens, who emphasized that there was no need for julid if the bride herself was not uncomfortable.

“Tell her! She (Kendall) looks stunning and I love it!” wrote Lauren Perez.

Kendall’s Answer

This netizen comment also did not escape Kendall Jenner’s radar. He also replied to comments about his choice of clothing.

Kendall wrote, “@laurenperez Of course I asked your permission beforehand. I love beach weddings.”

Dreamy Dress

Kendall Jenner is known for not being awkward in wearing super sexy clothes that make her eyes unblinking. In 2018, for example, she attended one of the Cannes Film Festival events wearing a transparent dress.

Last year, she also appeared at the Met Gala in a dreamy gown, which was inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s iconic costume from the film My Fair Lady.