January 21, 2022

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Freezia aka Song Ji A Admits I’ve had surgery, but only on the nose

Freezia Alias Song Ji A Ngaku Pernah Oplas, tapi Cuma di Hidung

The name Freezia, alias Song Ji A, suddenly became the public spotlight. This happened after the South Korean celebgram and YouTuber appeared in the Netflix reality show, Single’s Inferno.

Song Ji A’s beauty immediately caught the attention of the audience. There are those who feel that this woman is similar to Wonyoung IVE, there are also those who think that her aura is similar to Jennie Blackpink.

But not only complimenting comments, there is also speculation that arose about him. One of them is the suspicion that he has undergone plastic surgery.

Indecent Comments

Reporting from Koreaboo, Tuesday (11/1/2022), Song Ji A turned out to have answered this bluntly in one of her vlogs in 2019.

“There’s been a lot of rude comments, so to be honest I feel angry. There are a lot of questions about this, so I’ll tell you because I’m honest,” he started his answer.

On the Nose

The woman with 2.6 million followers on Instagram has openly said she has undergone a rhinoplasty.

“I only did a nose job, but didn’t put lip fillers on,” she said.

Freezia’s Lips Secret

Regarding her full lips, Song Ji A’s secret is makeup. “I use lip liner and draw it outside the lip line,” she said.

Another suspicion raised against him was that his eye was the result of surgery. But this was also denied by Ji A. “If I did, my eyes would definitely be symmetrical,” he said.

Don’t mind eye surgery

He then confides that he is often hurt because sometimes people judge his eyes to look strange.

“I’m hurt, but I think [my eyes] are attractive, like my Busan accent. So I don’t want to operate on it,” he said firmly.