January 21, 2022

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Culinary Tourism Hobby Turns Out to Have Many Benefits

Culinary Tourism

The hobby of culinary tourism is an activity of eating food to various regions to just taste the taste. Currently, the millennial generation in Indonesia has a hobby of culinary tourism.

Traveling is certainly a fun and exciting activity. Apart from being fun, traveling also has many benefits for your body and yourself.

The millennial generation has succeeded in creating new trends in the field of traveling and culinary tourism. This is of course not just any claim, but based on data that millennials enjoy food more when traveling. Come to new places and find different kinds of food in those places. You will find a variety of new and distinctive flavors with the place you are visiting.

Benefits of the Culinary Tourism Hobby

Although everyone likes to eat, not all of them have a culinary hobby. There are so many benefits of this culinary tourism hobby or activity, here are some of them.

  • 1. Have Many Followers

Now there are many social media that you can use to share traveling and culinary moments. By sharing it on your social media, it will certainly increase your followers and impressions.

Some people certainly like to look at things that spoil the eye such as food. Especially now that there is an Instagram reels feature that allows you to share videos and make them appear on other people’s pages.

  • 2. Knowing the Latest Food

Visiting places will certainly let you know what is the latest food there. Usually culinary lovers will immediately taste it so as not to miss the trend.

A person with this hobby will have a lot of knowledge of tastes and types of food. This makes him not bored with the existing food menus because he often changes food.

  • 3. Many Friends and Relationships

Having a hobby of culinary tourism makes you have many relationships and friends. This is because, usually someone will join a community with people who have something in common with him.

By joining a community, you will find many good friends to exchange information with or even go on trips with. In addition, relationships will also be obtained after the friendship occurs.

  • 4. Can Cook It Yourself

Another advantage that will certainly be obtained from a culinary enthusiast is being able to cook. Not infrequently when you visit a food place, you will ask how it is made.

By asking, you’ll learn everything from how it’s made to the recipe. By having a hobby of culinary tourism, you will be good at cooking a variety of dishes.

  • 5. Earn Extra Income

Another benefit of the hobby of traveling in search of food is getting additional benefits. This happens if you are diligent about uploading content either on Youtube, Tiktok, or even Instagram.

By uploading them to social media you will earn extra money, because accounts have many impressions. This will certainly invite a lot of endorsements to the account so that it makes money.

  • 6. Free Meals

The hobby of eating alone can turn out to be a pretty promising profession. Currently there are many professions in the food sector such as reviewers, food stylish, and many others.

If you have a profession above, you will certainly be invited here and there just to eat and of course get paid. This is certainly a profession that many people dream of.

A full stomach without spending money is what many people dream of. Where this is one of the benefits of having a profession or hobby of culinary tourism.