January 21, 2022

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COVID-19 Transmission in Sydney Continues to Rise, Daily Cases Reach 20 Thousand


The number of COVID-19 transmissions in New South Wales (NSW) with the capital city of Sydney has almost doubled. There were 21,151 thousand people who tested positive as of Friday morning (31/12), compared to 12,226 on Thursday.

The number of people hospitalized also increased to 832 from 746 people the day before, 69 of whom were in intensive care.

Residents in New South Wales are still queuing for hours at a COVID-19 test site, even though the NSW Government has asked residents who are not showing severe symptoms not to take the PCR test.

Previously, NSW Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, had warned that the daily transmission rate in his state could reach 25,000 per day by the end of January. A number of COVID-19 rules in NSW were relaxed on 15 December, but starting this week residents are again asked to wear masks indoors and check-in using a QR code on their cellphone before entering public places. Currently, active cases of COVID-19 in Australia have reached more than 110,000 people. Meanwhile, the double-dose vaccination rate in Australia has reached more than 91 percent for people aged 16 years and over, making Australia one of the countries with the highest vaccination rates in the world.

Fireworks at Sydney, Australia

Even though the number of COVID-19 transmissions continues to rise, Sydney will continue to hold fireworks to welcome 2022 at the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House areas.

However, the tradition of residents who usually set up tents since the morning to get the best place to see the fireworks, can no longer be done.

To be able to see the 6 tons of fireworks which will start showing at 9 pm, residents must make a reservation in advance. Even residents have to buy tickets if they want to see fireworks from some popular locations, such as Blues Point Reserve, Giba Park Pyrmont. If the previous year the tickets were sold out before the end of the year, this time it is reported that some tickets are still available. In other big cities, the celebration of the new year tonight is still limited.